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Thanks @kelvin8r

i will add this video link to Snaplinks.

Keep having fun.



@doug @kelvin8r Thanks to both of you! I did find some info that the Loctite 401 is awesome to use!


Hey everyone! How can I clean this up?


The little spatula that came with my Snapmaker works wonders for getting almost any filament residue off the print bed. I use a putty knife tom scrape off glue stick.


Thank you for the reply! I am afraid that I might scratch the surface… this is my first print…! Is it possible that I damage the bed?


That’s a sticker you see on top of the bed. You should have gotten a spare with the printer. It’s pretty tough too and the spatula isn’t that sharp.


Really appreciate the responses as i am a real newbie!!
One last question, if the bed is scratched or has some residue from previous prints will it affect next printings? I have seen some photos in thingiverse that are really not clean…! Thank you again very much!


If your bed has some residue from previous prints, the bottom of your next print might pick up the leftover residue. Not a problem if you’re using the same or similar colours, but if you’re printing white after black, then it might not look good.

BTW, make sure your calibration is good and the hot end is not too close to the bed. Too close and first layer will be too thin. Brim and skirts will be hard to remove.


Not usually a problem :slight_smile: I’ve had pieces of brims left over on the build plate.

Occasionally it has built up around the nozzle, but it didn’t affect the print in any way from what I could tell.

If you’re worried about residue and glue and stuff, some isopropyl alcohol cleans the build plate really well :slight_smile:



Hi I am currently having the same problem and do not have access to a linux based pc. Have you found a solution? Does anyone at Snapmaker like @Rainie or @Noah know what this problem could be? It is also happening to my usb stick and I am using a windows 7 system as well. Literally the exact same problem and it is awful. I can’t keep my laptop tied up while printing as I need to use it. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Another post here mentioned the same problem, which I was also having. The easy fix is just to put a .nc at the end of the file name, as only .nc files show up on the usb when laser engraving. It worked for me.

Hope it works!


Hey Guys, a quick question please : do you know how much an empty snap maker PLA spool weighs? thanks


Anyone know which filaments can handle frequent exposure to isopropyl alcohol?


Based on what I was able to Google, nylon appears to be one of the few that is completely resistant to isopropanol.


Hi my partner purchased the snapmaker 3 in 1 and we have had. Outing but problems with it. We were able to 3d print but have been unsuccessful when trying to use the program to get the laser engraved or the cnc router to work. Have downloaded all the updated software, the program comes up as a blank black screen, can’t use it unless we go to website view and yet still can’t generate a g code or load anything at all.

The 3d printer head needed changing due to a massive buildup of pla around the nozzle. We heated up the head to soften the plastic buildup and removed as much as we could to avoid damage to the wires and followed instructions to remove the screw to be able to pull the wires out. Once screw was removed we pulled the wires. The wire were suppose to come out easily as Stated in the forum but they didn’t one is still stuck and when my partner was gently pulling one of the other wires broke…he is very disappointed to have spent the money and now not be able to do anything with the 3d printer…


Please help me he is so close to losing it and throwing it away and giving up on the whole thing


The quickest way to get back to printing is to replace the hot end block and whichever wire broke. I’m not sure from your description which one you managed to take out. The wire with the big rod is the heating element which heats up the block to the desired temperature. The one with the smaller end is the thermistor. This measures the temperature of the block.

This sort of thing happens to most users. It is part of the hobby. Good luck and hope you get to printing real soon.


Thanks for replying kelvin8r

It was the smaller wire that broke. The thing is we only just bought it and have had problems from the start. Even the program itself doesn’t load (downloaded the latest updated one) just get a black screen. Never thought we would have so many problems so early into it


Don’t feel sad - as @kelvin8r said. It’s part of the hobby learing how to use the machine the best way. Have some spare hot ends, thermistors and heaters in spare and you will have more and more fun and excitment after every successfull print/laser/CNC project.


Hi , If i order de snapmaker 2 when it gonna commes and. why if i ho to orders kost it 260 euro more