Purifier is not exist


this isn’t helping anything lol


The worst part about this… the grammar.

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I am concerned this spamming error message is going to cause performance problems. Hopefully thats not the case.

Who knows, I’m refusing to go to 1.13.1, I’m not going to be a guinea pig lol.

It’s about to reach sentience and it’s trying to warn us.


(the cake is a lie)


I guess this pinging is how the controller knows the filter needs changed, it pings the chip to wait for the pre-programmed limit to hit like a toner cartridge.

Not fooling me on that one. its just a run time counter they dont need to pretend like its evaluating the filter in any fashion but that and maybe a little bit of air flow

Luban version 3.15.2 has solved this problem. You can upgrade to the latest version and try again.

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