Problems with printing board and module

Has anyone else had a problem with too much juttering from the board and the module? It is like the magnets that keep the board down along with the screws (which I have checked and all screws are tight and where they need to be) and the module magnets and screws (again I checked the screws and they are secure and in the right place) cannot keep the board and module from almost jumping away and to each other. When printing, the Y axis seems like it is juttering up and down and the surface of the board vibrates more than it used to. Also, it causes the module to seem like it is moving back and forth. Can the magnets lose it’s magnetism? Is there something I’m missing? When I move the module manually it moves back and forth even though the screws are tight and secure, same thing with the printing board.

Are you using the correct screws? You need to use the flathead screws for the heated bed. They should sit flush/slightly below the plane of the bed.

Otherwise you may have a problem with play in the brackets in the linear modules.

Or something may be out of alignment.
Or one of the linear modules has died.
Try isolating the individual rails and see that they’re running properly individually.