Problem printing complex? parts

I am starting to explore different, more challenging projects as I learn more about my A350. I have started to encounter issues with printing which are likely my not understanding how to setup parts and limitations of printing using Luban. For example I am trying to print the part shown in the image which is basically a U shaped channel laying on its side. The issue arises with the top surface print since there is no underlying support for this layer so I get strings and a partial surface. I am using Makerbot filament at 215C and the normal print profile. I can split the print into 2 parts and then glue them together but it kind of defeats the purpose of printing. Measurements are in millimeters. Any thoughts appreciated.


Well, have you tried printing with supports?

Not sure why you might be having a problem

you might also try flipping it on its back so that the long diagonal part is flat and only the back end is elevated

Could use supports, but it looks like you should be able to do what @MooseJuice suggested. Can’t tell what the back right of your object looks like, but especially if it’s flat it should print fine if you lay it on that.

Due to the compound curve flipping it on its back did not work.

Adding automatic supports fixed the issue. Only minor cleanup and the part is perfect. Thanks


I am impressed at your meshmixer prowess.

I find it to be unusable lol