Prints Shifting

Hey everyone,

This has happened to me twice now and am not sure what’s going on. The print seems like its shifting over for no reason. I’m thinking it might be the g-code so I’m trying to load the code once again to see if I receive different results. Has anyone come across this?

Most often shifts occur only in one direction, because your shift occurred in both X & Y directions I would suspect it is either hitting the print or it’s trying to move too fast, either which cause the steppers to “skip” which causes the shift. What kind of print and rapid movement speeds are you using?

Thanks Tone,
So I have it set to 70 mm/s for both. I also tried it with a new g-code and received the same result. But now another shift??

70 is ok for Rapid, but really fast for printing.
I would suggest 40-50.

I’ve heard my v1 skip when my son tried to travel at 100 mm/s. It was a fairly loud click, very obvious even with the normal noise. I don’t run anything faster than the params in Fast Print anymore.

I don’t know enough about the thread parameters to calculate what the offset of a skip would be. It’d be nice to know that as a standard diagnostic question. “Was the offset exactly X mm? You’re moving too fast and skipped a thread.”

May you post the gcode and the .stl to double check if it is a printer or slicing issue?
Which kind of printer do you have?-Snapmaker Original?

Possible solutions:

  • Swap the X axis and Z axis to check if one of the linear modules are loosened, and you can shake the sliders with your hands to test them.
  • If you notice the heated bed wobbles when the printer is printing or the models shift, please follow this tutorial to tighten up the slider on the linear modules.

As you are using the enclosure now, please take the machine out and turn off door detection to print again.

You can refer to this artilce to turn off the door detection:

If the issue is solved, you can refer to this article:

Looking forward your reply.

It doesn’t allow me to upload the code. Is there any way I can send you the code?

googledrive, dropbox or any other oneclick hoster will work.
Maybe upload, gcode AND .stl

hi Mannyb I was pulling my hair out with this problem on every print when i first got my snapmaker it was fine got the first print after that all went wrong they would star ok then a noise would cause the same problem you have the i realised I had just done a firmware update so I went back to the forum and found a newer firmware update since i installed that i have had no trouble I not saying it will cure yours but worth a try also updated snapmaker js
hope this works for you

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Have you done the tests and troubleshooting methods I sent you before? You can send me the G code file via the Google Drive or Dropbox.