Printing off the bed (on purpose)

Working with the Palette 2s Pro, and instead of a transition tower, it can just dump the filament off to the side. I wanted to better understand how we tell the extruder to do that e.g. go to position X when dumping. How much distance (let’s say beyond 320mm or 350mm of the bed size) can we safely send the extruder to extrude off of the build plate?

There is also this magical thing (Creality / Ender / Geeetech -> Retractable Purge Mechanism by BigBrain3D - Thingiverse).

Do this: G28 X. That will home X to its origin.
Then look at the current X value. I believe it will say X is at -19mm.

So as long as you command X to go to -19mm, it will go there. That’s safe.

As brent says Edge offset of 19mm works well. I’ve been slicing in S3D and using Chroma to prep the gcode recently. In Chroma you can check Extrude in Place too, allows you to set the Y coord to extrude at, I just use wherever the centre of my print is - saves unnecessary bed movement

The snapmaker provided Gcode for cura performs an off bed extrusion and wipe on the side of the bed as a primer, im actually about to reinstate it to cut down on skirt.