Printing Job Detaching

I am having an issue whereby the printing job detaches from the heated bed partway through the printing process. What could be causing this? any tips to rectify?


There are multiple things that can cause this—the print head striking the printed object or the object just not having a large enough surface area in contact with the bed to stay stable are among the most common.

Enabling z-hop in Luban (or whatever slicer you use) will help reduce the chances of the print head striking the object.

You can try printing with a brim or a raft to increase adhesion (especially with tall, thin objects), or coat the bed with something (glue stick, blue painter’s tape, or a 3D printing specialty product like Magigoo). If worst comes to worst, start reading the threads here on bed leveling and calibration.

If you can upload or link to the model, we can give more specific suggestions. Nozzle, bed, and room temperature can also play a role, especially if there is any air moving and you don’t have an enclosure.

flow rate, material, bed clenliness, air flow, so many things :smiley:

Bed surface cleaning is important…
Do not use original microfiber cleaner, that make more easy detachment.
I use ethyl alcohol cleaner. After drying, original print sheet is very good material than others.(for PLA, PETG)

For PLA and PETG printing, hot bed and bed cleaning are sufficient for good attachment.

If the detachment persists for no other reason, set a manual brim at the output of the square edge.
There is such a special plugin in slicer like cura.