Printing interruptions

With my printouts I have the problem that complete lines are missing from time to time.

You can see it in the picture and when printing you hear a plop sound, the filament stops and then flows on after a few millimetres. I have this problem not only with one filament manufacturer but with all of them at the moment.

You can also see the problem when the plane changes as you can see in the second picture.

Do you have any ideas? I slice with Cura …

Do you start the print from the display/USB drive, Wifi or USB cable?
Can you rule out feeding errors (tangled filament, …)?

I transfer the gcode via Luban and WLAN to the Snapmaker and the filament unrolls cleanly and also does not become tangled.

Could this be a problem with the print module and the transport of the filament? I have already seen a few entries in the forum that this is not correct in the factory settings and must be adjusted.

Are you using good filament? The popping sound is quite often moisture in the filament and could cause the problems you are having.

If that’s Snapmaker filament that came with the machine it could be your problem. Try a better brand before anything else.

The factory settings you talk of are probably calibration of the extruder stepper motor, this is done to ensure the correct amount of plastic is delivered to the hotend as you are printing. Have a search, there are many threads on the subject - do note that you need to be connected via USB.

E-Step calibration can now be done with Wifi too.

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