Printer nozzle will not clear print bed -- printer cannot be used


Hi Steve!

Thank you!! I was beginning to think that none of the snapmaker team looked at the forums any more…

I did find the issue. The problem seems to have been an incompatibility between the last couple firmware updates and simplify 3D. As indicated in my last post, I did reach out to them. The fff needed updating… we went round-and-round for a bit there, but finally they nailed it. It also clears the bed with the latest snapmakerjs… so all is good there too. There must have been some pretty substantial changes in the last firmware update (or maybe update before last, actually).

I’m back in business.

Thanks again for keeping an eye out for us.



@moonglum Glad to know that you problem was solved. Actually we will follow the forum and try to reply when anyone facing the problem. Seems many users would like to post the problem in facebook group and less users take a visit to forum now.