Printer crashes on operating enclosure micro-switch


I recently connected the enclosure micro-switches while 3D printing - I know they’re not intended for printing but I assumed there would be no problems. When shutting the door during a print the print run crashed, sending the print head to the far right of the bed where it stayed until I quit the print (which responded OK). This was repeatable. Is there any advice (other than don’t connect the micro-switches when printing!)?


Did you turn enclosure setting ON in Snapmakerjs?


I have not yet used SnapmakerJS, only Snapmaker3D. (I will get around to using the other heads soon!). So the answer to your question is ‘no’ - I have not turned on the enclosure setting.


Snapmaker 3D has been superceded by (incorporated into actually) JS for some time now (notice it is no longer on the download page).
Switch to JS ASAP as learning Snapmaker3D is rather pointless now.

Also assure that the firmware is updated to be compatible with the version of JS you install.

The Door detection function must be toggled in JS while the computer is connected to the printer!

Door Switch causes problem

@andywatts Sorry about the problem you ran in to. Please download the latest Snapmakerjs and change the dectect setting “ON”. And please don’t forget to upgrade the firmware. Please don’t hesitate to tell us if you have any problem. Thank you


Steve - thanks, now all done, and the problem is fixed. This ticket can be closed.