Print quality deteriorating

Lately, the quality of my prints are starting to deteriorate, and I have not changed much in terms of the configuration or the SM Original device.

See the picture below, I tried to print a RPi case (to setup Octo print), and there are a lot of issues with the consistency.

Any tips on what settings I should be changing? The settings I use to print are below:

Layer Height - 0.2mm
Initial Layer Height - 0.3mm
Initial Layer Line Width - 100%
Wall Thickness - 0.8mm
Top Thickness - 0.8mm
Bottom Thickness - 0.6mm
Infill Density - 8%
Infill Pattern - Grid
Initial Layer Print Speed - 18mm/s
Infill Speed - 60mm/S
Outer Wall Speed - 60mm/S
Inner Wall Speed - 60mm/S
Top/Bottom Speed - 70 mm/S
Travel Speed - 70mm/S
Initial Layer Travel Speed - 30mm/S
Enable Retraction - Yes
Retraction Distance - 6.5mm
Retraction Speed - 25mm/

It looks like the missing material is several layers deep, indicated that it’s consistently a problem at the same location. ie, probably not a filament issue.

Were you present when it happened? Are you using the stock filament spindle and location? Do you have an enclosure?

I found that the original un-enclosed spool mount is a poor location, particularly as the filament is nearing the end of the reel. It will snag on the edge of the reel, usually when the head is moving in the X- direction. I heard a clicking noise, and looked over to see the filament under tension rather than loose, and heard the extruder gears grind the filament rather than feed it. I printed YASTH, and haven’t had an issue since then.