Post-processing config for Fusion 360 (Mac)

I know people have had success with generating G-Code from Fusion, but not me. Where do you install the .cps file for the Mac version of Fusion (v2.0.8816, downloaded from Autodesk this morning).

The Autodesk documentation doesn’t align with the folders on my system. I don’t have a HOME > Autodesk > Fusion 360 CAM> Posts folder, but I did find a HOME > Fusion 360 CAM folder. I created a Posts folder inside, copying the .cps folder into it. but Fusion still says “No posts are available / none”.

Where\How did you install the files?

Been a while so I don’t remember how I did it. I know it was a pain.
(Why can’t they just have you import a profile? Why does fusion try to put the app where NOONE else does?) but this is where I found the file:
/Users/(youruserfolder)/Autodesk/Fusion 360 CAM/Posts/snapmaker.cps
/Users/(youruserfolder)/Library/Application Support/Autodesk/CAM360/machines/snapmaker.cps


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I had struggled with the same thing until I found the way. Though I’m not sure it’s the ultimate way, being new to Snapmaker and CNC in general.
My project was for CNC, so I cannot say the following procedure will work for 3D or laser.
The .cps file that you downloaded can reside anywhere actually. All you do is tell Fusion 360 where to find it, it will import and place it where it needs to be for you.
By the way, the Autodesk documentation is confusing. It seems that it was written for a previous version.

Here’s the procedure:
On Fusion 360, top left corner, choose MANUFACTURE.
On the menu bar, MANAGE, Machine Library
On the left pane, My Machines, choose Local
On the center pane menu bar, click the + sign (create a new machine)
Choose Milling, a dialog box should appear
On the left pane of dialog box, choose Post-Processing
Find Post Location, choose Browse, from the drop down menu
Another dialog box should appear, this time a file dialog
Navigate through your file system and find the folder (directory) in which your .cps file resides. Click Open. (you do not have to choose the actual .cps file, just the folder)
Find Post Processor, click the drop down menu
If you have done all the steps correctly, you should now find Snapmaker in the menu.


Thank you Davvid!! This worked.

I see the machine specs can be imported and exported. I’m going to make a request that we get machine definition files for all the snapmakers (workpiece extents, max move rates, post processing, etc), along with updated documentation that uses this.