PLA Flooding Module & Dead

I have had some amazing prints on this machine or I wouldn’t work so hard to get it up and running again, it would now be called Laser/CNC Maker, but I have had exceptional results. Let me also say that I have professional equipment, ultrasonic cleaners, chemicals, curing boxes, and a wide variety of printers.

The filament flooded the module, it was bad enough to take apart the entire module, which is necessary because certain areas cannot be cleaned or heated in the same way. I manage to get the module back together and was able to get it working when support was unresponsive because of the high demand. (I wanted the schematics in an exploded view to ensure technical specs have been followed precisely.)

The software didn’t work in the same way as it did before and I finally found a configuration that allowed adhesion and most of a print. I have not been able to get proper adhesion, extrusion, or anything really after that.

I’ve flashed the Snapmaker to all firmware versions, used all versions of the software, checked the bowden tube for accuracy, changed the filament and brand, changed the tension, checked all the screws, calibrated, re-calibrated, homed after every flash of firmware, cleared the nozzle with a thin piece of metal, cold flushed, put on the extra sticker, changed out the screws that seemed very likely to strip, not a fan of philips head, or flat head screws, anyways, all fans are working, checked the plugs, so after all that…

I flash back to the 2.2 firmware that ins’t beta and the thermistor isn’t working and I’m tired of messing with this. I have put in about 90 hours of work in trying to get this module to work again and yes, read all documentation. I now know this module inside and out and I’m tired, so… suggestions?

Hi Morgan,

I have summarized the problems you ran into. Please see if I understand you correctly:

  1. The thermistor is not working after the PLA flooded the module.
  2. The print cannot adhere to the heated bed properly.

To solve the above problem, please provide the following information:

  1. Could you please tell us why you think the thermistor is broken? If you have a photo showing the problem, please send it to us.
  2. Have you tried the steps in this FAQ:

If there is more information you can provide and it’s hard to show it by words, we are glad to have a videocall with you and sort it out. My Skype name is Rainie Zou. Please let me know when it’s the right time to call you.

Look forward to your reply. Thank you!

Best regards,

I’ve already taken apart the module again and I’ve located a lot of issues, these were not present during my initial take down, and I had heating, extrusion, adherence, and a high quality result after cleaning out the flooded PLA. But it failed again and nothing works, the thermistor has sheared off, the tube is bent, the screws are jammed, the phillips strip easily, a lot of people seem to be having issues with the nozzle clogging.

Would you mind giving me a run down of the parts used internally? The only specifications available are for the frame and I haven’t seen anything on motors, torque, block, thermistor, these are usually the first thing that we would look at.

It seems to be a Bulldog extruder, brass nozzle, aluminum block, 24v, direct feed, PTFE lined tube, is it rating over 20% or 30% more than necessary power, is there an issue with dispersion, would a few upgrades make a more reliable product?

Knowing all of the specs for the Snapmaker would really help us figure this out. Especially if you are unavailable due to demand, which is a great thing if you are growing as a company, and I think we could really help you pinpoint specifics which would continue your upward mobility.

Thank you for the reply.

I think their issue with releasing specs (I want them, too!!!) is that they’re afraid people are going so misinterpret them and complain, like they did with the laser module. That’s a fair enough position, but they’ve also sold a product to a bunch of tinkerers and, well, that’s warranty-voiding tinkering we’re talking about, so they should have an interest in us picking away at our machines, anyway.

Plus, if we have specs (and the ability to purchase any nonstandard parts), being tinkerers we’re less likely to utilize the warranty anyway when we can replace parts ourselves often times cheaper than shipping for warranty and almost certainly always faster (which also factors into cost, since downtime isn’t free).

With all of that, Snapmaker team, if I’ve hit the nail on the head as to why you’re not releasing these specs, please release them for the reasons I just stated.

If you’re worried about a competitor getting hold of them, keep in mind that a competitor will destructively reverse-engineer a physical unit to get that information; and they’ll do this regardless of the availability of specs, because they want real life assembly tolerances that often can’t be gleaned from specs on paper. Your customers, on the other hand, want to actually use their printers, so destructive reverse-engineering isn’t an option for us. We need those specs.

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See Dobot Mooz; cryptic, yes, answer, sort of.

I was already aware of that from the campaign updates. That was done without the specs being released because, as I said, someone wishing to clone a competitor’s product will just destructively reverse-engineer a live unit, they don’t need published specs.

We users, on the other hand…

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Well, I’ve finished upgrading the module, I just need to CNC an arm for the new hexagonal stainless thingy thing [no sleep]. The software is recognizing everything and isn’t resulting in errors.


I’ve relocated the module, sheared off the heat sink, replaced the nut with a grooved and inward facing one* very important, replaced the fans with directional turbo ones, removed the fan and blocked the filament escape hatch with a breathable plate, installed a series of short distance Bowden tubes and attachments which will also allow for filament storage and reduce spool tangle, improved thermistor, reinforced/wrapped all new and old wiring, added a silicone sock to reduce buildup and curling, and am trying coated brass nozzles and all stainless.


Filament Flooding Module
Clogged Nozzles
Filament Guidance Issues
Total Thermistor Destruction
Z Axis Sag or Jog
Overheating Module
Fan Issues
Regulate Dispersion
Cool Print Area

In Progress:

Improve Print Time
Faster Print Speed
More Filament Types
Probably More Stuff

Sleep tight.


Hi @bCreative

Doug the newbie here; I respectfully disagree with your request. Companies have the right to protect their proprietary information and intellectual property.

There are millions of products, where you cannot get the specifications of the product.

Should you wish to tinker, then that is your prerogative. Most people use products as designed within the scope of the products ability. I daresay most of the Snapmaker users just want to use the product and are not interested in detailed specifications.

Have a good day.


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You’re, of course, welcome to your opinion. However, I believe the Snapmaker team has promised, in the past, that these specifications would be released.

Further, I implore you to browse around these forums and tell me that most people here “just want to use the product and are not interested in detailed specifications”. If you really think that the maker community doesn’t care about specifications and tinkering, I dare say you haven’t been paying much attention. Look at all the brouhaha over the changing laser and CNC specs, just as one example.

More to the point, though – we do have an example, right here in this thread, of a user who does just want to use his Snapmaker, but can’t because it broke doe to a design defect. He’s seeking specs that might help him fix the issues he is experiencing and allow him to, once again, “just use his Snapmaker”.