PEI vs Glass for complex ASA- CF model?

Hi guys!

Have gone through most of the trials and tribulations and getting satisfactory results but about to attempt a multi piece model just because… haha!

I have a Glass bed on hand and also a PEI sheet on order, I don’t trust the stock bed to produce some of these parts.
ASA-CF although a bit of a pain in the bum is one of the better CF material that I have tried. (the model will not be painted and the CF finish suits)

I’d like to use the PEI as it will make things a bit easier but the Glass has advantages I guess being inherently a flatter surface.

Sure the SM print bed works but there are some corner to corner pieces in this model that I have concerns will cause issues. I’ll also probably scale this as much as possible as well. (I’m a DUNE tragic)

Any insight welcomed :slight_smile:


I can’t say I have any experience on glass, or with ASA-CF (make sure to get a hardened nozzle, the carbon fiber will eat brass).

However, I do have experience with standard ASA and PEI. Works beautifully and adheres great. This was a new centercap for my truck printed with Polymaker Polylite ASA. 250 or 260, can’t remember, and 80 on the bed.

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ASA seems to be a very nice material, PP as well. Both of these I feel print better and are more stable with CF fill?
I have a hard hot end. 0.4mm seems ok with most filled filaments I’ve used. I have not tried the 0.6 yet