No Filmament feed with ABS Material


Hi Happy new year.
Happy new year all you makers
I just finished my firs 1.5 kg of PLA without big issues.
Today I tried an ABS approach and it was odd.
The Printer starts a spills a bit of ABs what is normal, then he is starting he routine 80C the bed and 238C the print nozzle. But the head is not feeding the nozzle.
ABSfeet.gcode (4.8 MB)
PLAfeet.gcode (4.8 MB)
My Snapmaker §D Souftware is 1.7.5


I took the gcode File from the PLA and altered the Temperature like
;Start GCode begin
M140 S80
M109 S238
M190 S80
in the whole code with notepad++ and now its working so it’s a bug.


It works when I do the print directly from the PC