No connection snapmaker with snapmakerjs

Hello Guys,

have mounted the laser engraving module.
I can’t connect the snapmaker in the software snapmakerjs V.2.4.4
Install the latest driver CH34X version 3.4
When the CNC engraving module is mounted than a connection is possible.
The same with the 3d printer module is mounted.
What’s wrong?


Can you post the output of Console here? Is that the software can not detect the tool head, or you cannot even establish the connection though serial port?

Hi Parachvte,
The tool head is recognized. I can engrave with the usb stick. I cannot make a connection though serial port.
I miss the possibility to connect in the software of snapmakerjs.
In the software snapmakerjs is no possibility to connect.


Please expand the left tool bar and post again:


What bad, that I have not seen that, I continue to try the laser engraver.
thanks a lot guys.


Hi guys,

I will not open the same new topic, I have the same issue.

I have searched everywhere, I can’t find a way to connect my snapmaker…
My little arrow is opened and the connection box isn’t displayed.

What am I doing wrong ?


You may have hiddem them in the past.
Please reset your workspace:

Oh :expressionless:
I do not remember hidden these boxes in the past…
But you solve the issue !
Thanks a lot :wink:

Best regards

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