No “Calibration” button in Luban

Hi all

New user here. Just setting it all up and it having serious issues with the camera capture.

I’ve done the laser autofocus and camera calibration on the touchscreen. All seemed to work fine.

I’ve also updated to the latest firmware and latest version of Luban on my MacBook (4.0.3).

The camera doesn’t seem to be picking up any photos properly - the 9 images are solid blocks of either black or other colours.

Then once it displays the 9 images on the camera capture, the pop up window only has the ‘Confirm’ button - but not the ‘Calibration’ button. Every help forum thread I’ve seen has pictures showing a calibration button…?!

No idea what’s going on and I’ve scoured the web and can’t find anyone that’s previously reported the same issue.


Sounds like you need to scroll down the dialog box, sometimes its hidden at the bottom.

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Nailed it. Can’t believe I missed that!!! Thanks!

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