Newbie SW questions

Hi all!
Tomorrow I’ll receive my Snapmaker Original and can’t wait to use it!
I’m newbie so as first I’m trying to play with the Snapmakerjs SW so I have some very basic questions.
I’ve created my first and simple 3D object with Fusion 360 and I’ve saved the bodie ad STL file keeping the default options. I’ve opened the Snapmakerjs and after selecting the 3D project I’ve opened the STL file and I’ve played little bit aroiund and I also creted the gcode that I’ll use with my Snapmaker.
My first question is: what is the initial workspace on the SW where I can load gcode files? I can see the 3D, CNC and Laser worksapce that is pretty clear to me but when to use the 1st workspace where I can load gcode file?

ALso… Is it possible to simulate the process the Snapmaker will do?

Sorry maybe are very stupid questions. :slight_smile:

Hey, here is the tutorial video from snapmaker.
Luban (similar to snapmakerjs) starts at 3:10min


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Thanks! I’ll watch the video asap! :slight_smile:

My Snapmaker arrived today!!! yheeeeeeee!!!


The new version of Luban that is compatible for Snapmaker Original will be released soon. If you want to learn more about the machine and to learn about the problems, please refer to this link:

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