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I finally decided to assemble my snap maker original after sitting in a box for a year. It’s assembled with no problems. In trying to calibrate the printer, the printer bottomed out and started scraping the bed. I panic and switched the printer off. I then restarted the printer and the screen popped up but the action buttons froze. None of them worked. I restarted the Printer several times and the same thing happened over and over. The buttons do not work. Is there anyway to reset the printer
I tried reading the enclosed usb drive but it would not load. Supposedly the usb drive is universal but my Mac cannot open it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Al Peña


If you can post some images or videos here, that would be helpful.


I call the action buttons the four settings shown on the screen. These are frozen and don’t initiate. I enclosed a picture.

Your heated bed shows 922°C, you have it not plugged into the right port .
I guess you mixed Z-axis and the bed up.

The bed has to be connected to Controller plug 6.
See here:

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That fixed the problem. Getting ready to calibrate. Are there any files on the usb stick. It does not read the drive.Thanks for your help. I’m sure I’ll be asking again.

@xchrisd , nice catch!

@Alrpena54 , My v1 USB drive came with a couple of files on it, but they weren’t terribly interesting The examples in Luban (the triangle circle square button on the bottom of the left nav) are more interesting. The drive should be readable in a mac, windows, or linux machine. If it’s not, format as exFAT.

Your X-axis is also false mounted (inverse - the cable should be left, false mounting holes)
I would suggest to check your complete assembly again to be sure your machine functions well :wink:

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Many thanks to @xchrisd


Please read the quick start guide carefully and check the assembly step by step. False assembly and user operation may damage the machine as it cannot notice whether the assembly is incorrectly.

As for the files for 3D printing, you can find some interesting projects in