New Module IDEAS


One thing that I think would be hopefully easy to add would be a set of rollers for scrolling work in the Y direction infinitely, so that the Laser or CNC module can work on a long thin item such as a sign, or it would let you cut out a lot of pieces from one long piece of stock. In my head, this is a set of four rollers, one or two of which are motorized; the work must always be pinched between all four rollers, keeping it in place; one above and one below, a pair on the +y and a pair on the -y side of the work head. The rollers might be solid metal, hard rubber, or something like a soft foam that would roll over small uneven items without jamming.


this could actually work…

many of the window facing machines use same approach…



In fact thinking about it, if the rollers were only pinching the edge of the platform as opposed to going across the entire width (or if only the bottom were full width) you might be able to use this to have a long platform for 3D printing on, too, although it wouldn’t be a heated bed.

I can imagine that the biggest problem with such an idea is making sure the material is consistently fed in a pure Y direction, because if it ever got crooked or jammed, you could stand to mess up a very large print. Still it seems like there should be a solution somewhere.


Hi @daemionfox

There is also an external unit to mix colours

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@doug The Palette+ looks interesting. Neat how it prints a separate tower in between colour transitions to make sure the colours on the main model stays distinct. I wonder how much prep work you have to do for a multi-colour print? The upside with this system is you can have infinite colours in your model.



there is a huge video on YouTube on this device see

A search will find other videos.



How about a 0.2mm Nozzle to replace the 0.4mm nozzle for the extruder head? Thats all i need right now.


Just buy one. I think the standard nozzles on the market should fit (didn’t tested this).


The snapmaker extruder takes standard brass nozzles, I’ve played around with other sizes myself.


didn’t realize there was a standard size, could you possibly give a recommendation?


Most FDM machines use an extruder nozzle with an M6 thread - that’s basically the standard (as far as I know). Orifice sizes vary but it seems that .4mm is most common.


Thanks, I knew about the standard orifice size being .4mm Just didnt know that the standard threading was M6


are you talking about something similar to a 5th axis


By Object Rotating Mount I refer to something akin to a lathe, but meant as a way to hold an object for Laser Imaging (or perhaps also for CNC, which I guess would make it an actual lathe). For instance if you wanted to laser image the outside of a plastic mug.


That is a sweet idea. I never thought about engraving mugs.


Hi @jwaggonr05

Did you see the Rotary Attachment project on Thingiverse for the Snapmaker



SnapLinks -- Wiki

I did not. That’s Quite Cool. Tx!


Or like this one:

Perhaps SnapMaker could partner with SparkMaker to produce a module that would work with the SnapMaker drive module?? You only need one drive.

SnapLinks -- Wiki

Does snapmaker have any plans to make a hardened metal hotend for the more abrasive filaments?


The snapmaker uses a standard extruder nozzle with M6 thread - a hardened version or alternate orifice size wouldn’t be too tough to swap out. It’s important to use 2 wrenches when doing this; one for the nozzle and one for the heat block. The heat break can be snapped if placed under strain and that’d be crappy. Take note of and be careful of the thermistor and heater in the heat block. I generally swap nozzles while the machine is hot and also not attached to the X axis, it’s easier to manipulate on its side. So throw a ruby tipped extruder in there and go carbon fiber crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: