Need help with laser engraving


Hi all. I am attempting to do my first laser engraving, but have an issue I cannot seem to resolve. In the images you can see my problem. The one image is the one I wanted. The second image is what came out when I used the engraver.

Thanks for any help.



Can you tell us your software version and the settings you made?
I don’t have problems with your file (B/W and Vector/Raster mode).

Use this software version:


Hi. I used snap maker JS 2.4.3. I made no changes to the default settings that come up before generating the code.

Thanks so much. I will try 2.4.4 and see what happens.

Here is a screen shot of what I am trying with regards to the settings.



Hi all. That solved my problem. Thanks so much. Project failed as the material was not really up to it but laser engraver worked as it should now.