Model / Print Analysis

Dear all,

yesterday I finished my 1st successful Print :smile: : (Female Voronoi)
After the initial 23h & something it finished within ~27h.
Print Settings were set on Normal from Luban.

Although successful, there were a few mistakes during print and I wanted to get your ideas/opinions on where this might come from.

Was it the model file / Print module / Settings /… ?

The spots are on different heights and due to the time it took I was not present during the whole print and then again, what would I have done about it ?

If there are things that need pre-checking I’d value all input from you.

I’m surprised by those failures, but I’m not surprised that it was able to recover. Looking at that first close up, I’m really surprised that it was able to restart printing in mid-air. I expected it to repair by slowly bridging back from a place that didn’t fail.

Which model are you using? It looks like you do have an enclosure, which should help reduce temperature reasons for layer failures.

I don’t really understand why it failed in those locations; I can’t think of a good reason for the layer to not adhere. I wonder if you’re having problems feeding the filament into the print head? Are you using the default filament location? On my v1, the default location can cause the filament to bind up, particularly when the filament is getting low and the Z axis is higher up. I moved the filament to a different location that’s above the print head, and rotated so it feeds straight down into the print head.
It’s intermittent, as the filament binds then comes free, but it could explain what I’m seeing.

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I have printed similar objects in the past on a previous printer without much success. I feel like that type of object really is best printed on a resin printer.

It technically works, but without a lot of chemical smoothing the layers are very obvious, somewhat taking away from the art’s smoothness.

Hi @clewis,

I sweet talk my printer ;), but I suppose I was lucky as previous prints were messed up weirdly.

I use Snapmaker 2 A350 with enclosure.

Yes , I had this before, mainly when the print started. The initial position put the plastic wire over the left Z Pylon and when going into start position it was sometimes caught/stuck.
Got to put a piece there which goes to the roof to avoid this situation.

For now I do 1 print a day (or 2-3 days) to keep the doctor away.

Thank you for your feedback =)

Hi @brent113,

I agree there are a few rough/spiky spots (holes excluded), but mainly it feels smooth.

I’m giving this one a try now. (Icosahedron )

Testing limits is the thing before i make a hook and put 100kg on it ;).

Thanks for the feedback.

Hard to tell what the problem could cause.
Maybe its just unlucky that the layer lines not bound together.

I would suggest to set your retraction settings much lower (if you are using the default 5mm).
I normally use 1mm@45mm/s.
I guess, because of your excessive use of retraction, the filament could be a bit grinded, what caused extrusion-stops or less extrusion sometime.

@clewis Clewis is very right with the suggestion of the filamentspool-position which even could cause similar effects.

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