Make a Christmas Present for Your Loved Ones with the Snapmaker and Win a Coupon!

As all beta adopters received their Snapmakers and Christmas is coming, we are organizing an event to show what the Snapmaker is capable of! All beta adopters are encouraged to participate in this event and there will be prizes!

Let’s take a look at the rules:

  1. Use one or more functions of the Snapmaker 3-in-1 3D Printer to make Christmas presents. You have 2 weeks to make the presents - 24:00, Dec. 9 - 24:00, Dec. 23 EST. You can make more than one present. The more presents you make, the more likely you will receive a prize. :sunglasses:

  2. Before 24:00, Dec. 23 EST, post photos of the present under this topic. There MUST be one photo showing that the present is on the Snapmaker. Something like the following photo. Also, some information about who will receive the present is helpful too.

  3. I will collect all the photos after 24:00, Dec. 23 EST and create a poll on Facebook. The poll will be active until 24:00, December 28 EST. We will give awards according to the final ranking. If the participant makes more than one present, his final votes will be the sum of all the votes.


The first 18 participants with the most popular presents will receive a coupon for the next purchase.

  • The top 3 participants : $100

  • Participants ranking No. 4 to No. 8: $80

  • Participants ranking No. 9 to No. 18: $50

I guess you will be busy these 2 weeks! Look forward to your creations and photos! Let’s get started! :star_struck:


1st Try: Christmas tree hangers: "Small Heart"



Background story:

I live in Austria near to Vienna and every year in December there is a huge Christmas market in front of the city hall.
When I was a kid in the 80s I went there with my parents every year - and every year there was the so called “Herzerlbaum” a tree decorated with big red hearts:

One year ago a legal dispute extinguished the much loved “love tree”…
Now I’m giving away small red shiny hearts to recreate this beautiful childhood memory.

  • Original source for vector graphic:
  • Created a dxf file via internet
  • Imported to Fusion360, setup size and evolved it
  • Printed with ICE filament PET "Transparent Romantic Red"
  • size 50% for final print (80x80 mm ==> approx. 40x40 mm)
  • Layer height 0,15 mm
  • 100% infill

If somebody wants the STL-file: Herz.stl (73.2 KB)

Feel free to download this file, print your own hearts and share some love.


2nd Try: Shower holder for Samsung Galaxy S8

A present for my best friend (and the prototype for me :wink: ).

  • Designed by myself in Fusion360
  • Printed with ICE filament PET “Transparent Bold Blue”
  • 3 pcs. M5 nuts inlayed
  • M5x30 hex screw to be inserted into the knob
  • Layer height 0,15 mm
  • 30% infill

Some parts have to be printed in a suboptimal position because of the inlay parts or structural stability (they were printed in the same direction the 1st picture above shows).

Since this is just a fine working prototype and I want to make some minor changes to the design I don’t want to share the STL-files for this right now. You will need tools to mount it and it isn’t 100% symmetrical…


For my boy. Took 12 hours…but turned out awesome. He’s gonna lose it! I’m gonna paint it all up for him. I’ll post a pic after.


I am making a chess set for my wife. I picked red/white to match the color scheme of her favorite book series Shades of Magic by V.E Schwab. There is a very important white rook in one of the books. Now she will have her own white rook, who knows maybe it is even the very rook from the book series :wink:. I will post the whole set… if I get it done by Christmas. It sure takes a long time to print it one piece at a time on snapmaker3d :stuck_out_tongue:. I am half done with the red pieces.

These are the pieces I am using
Another Spiral Chess Set
by JaaYoo

I also plan to print the board using
Puzzle Chess Board
by pbreeden0

I haven’t quite figured out how I will integrate black in. I may use that around the edge of the board.

Still printing! Getting closer at least.


Did you try to combine multiple pieces into one stl-file (using Fusion360 or similar programs)?
It will save some time…

I love the idea of the puzzle chess board! Maybe I’ll do this Project too…

1st upload: Human Skull Ornament

This is for a friend that loves skull ornaments and has a load of skull candles on her fireplace. So i thought i’d print her one so that she can actually use the candles she has.


2nd upload: Simple Animal Rings

My niece made me promise to print out rings for her and her bestie, so I simply obliged.

Here’s a time lapse of one of the rings being printed:

And here’s a few pics:



I tried but couldn’t figure out how to do it since Fusion360 didn’t seem to like stl files. I am actually using cura and just adding multiple objects and printing multiples that way. It was more of just a joke about the the snapmaker3d software not having milti object support yet :D. I also bought simplify3d so I am going to be playing with that soon too.

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a single “like” is not enuff…

i luv it…!


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Thank you sir! It means a lot to me to get the appreciation.

could you upload your source files…?

i wanna do one… :slight_smile:


I don’t have to try anything else than the Simplify3D software. It’s the best - stop.
The reason why I’m still with the Snapmaker3D software too is because I feel kind of responsible as a beta tester.
For being free it doe’s a pretty good job but there is enough room to grow.

They’re paid files. Would you like the website?

ummm… guess not… don’t even have my snapmaker yet…


This is a keychain made by a 2x4 LEGO brick. The mount is printed by Snapmaker and the name etched on the brick is by the CNC module. Go to my other post for details:


3rd upload: Cyclonic Herb Grinder

Printed this for another friend to grind her herbs…


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kaff kaff… luv them herbs… :wink:


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Custom Laser Engraved Leather coasters for my wife - with her image on them, to be used in our basement bar. Last year for Christmas, I had a custom made mahogany bar installed in the basement. My wife insists that everyone use coasters on it.