Made my Snapmaker sing

Snapmaker playing Silent Night. The extruder fan adds a lot of background noise, but you should be able to hear it just fine.


Perfect!! I just wanna make my Snapmaker sing We Wish You A Merry Christmas but do not have the idea on how to write the G-code. How did you make it?

I used 110 for my steps/mm. That was a (semi) educated guess and it seemed to work out ok.

I used 110 mm for all 3 axes so none of them would bottom out

You need to home your printer manually before you run the gcode. I’m sure you could modify the beginning of the gcode that the generator creates to auto home but I forgot to do that before I loaded the code.

There is also an option to disable pauses in the music. You might need to either check or uncheck this option to make the song sound better.

The worst part is the fans on the controller and printer head are really loud. I had the printer module plugged in but laying on the desk beside the machine. I thought about printing a star and fastening it to the module plate with some LEDs to make it more festive when it sings. But don’t have time. Have stuff to print lol


Thank you very much!! I also found this converter a little bit earlier than the time you reply to me. :wink:

You can disconnect the fan in the 3d printing module to eliminate the noise.

Check out this short video. I just made my Snapmaker sing!

I also tried to combine two G-code files into one so that I can make the printer to sing soon after it finishes engraving. Just be sure to add the Sing G-code commands below the last command in the engraving G-code:
G0 X0 Y0

M5 means the laser stops and G0 X0 Y0 makes it homing.

Be sure to check the G-code again before running it in the machine as there will probably be small or big accident when using manually changed G-code file, especially using the laser module.

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I did disconnect the fan last night to try it but the fan in the controller is still pretty loud.

I’ll have to listen to the video when I have a better signal

Just listened. That’s awesome