Mac OS Catalina


Printing from Mac OS Catalina does not seem to work. I can import and generate the GCode and even connect to the printer just fine but when i click the button to start processing the GCode nothing happens. I have tried this with items i have successfully printed in the past as well as new ones. I have power cycled both the printer and the mac. Any advice would be greatly appreciated since at this point it seems i am dead in the water.

Thank you


Are you using Snapmaker3D? If so this software was merged with SnapmakerJS, and you can now 3D print from SnapmakerJS.


no i’ve been using snapmakerjs


How did you connect with Catalina?

I have updated my Snapmaker V1 firmware to 2.11.
I have the latest 2.6.1 version of SnapmakerJS
I have installed the CH340 Driver for macOS Sierra (2017-12-19) and restarted my Mac

After these steps, I still can’t see the driver in SnapmakerJS.


Hi mglmouser,

Have you tried Snapmaker-Luban? if you have and still run into problems, please go to to download and install our driver. Let me know if that resolves your issue.


Downloaded the software update last night but my extruder is clogged up. I’ll be able to attend to that tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes.