M601 doesn't work anymore

I just noticed that M601 no longer works. Are we supposed to use another command for pausing these days?

Do you mean M600 for filament change/runout?
I can’t find and don’t know a M601 in gcode repo or Marlin documentation.

@xchrisd No I was referring to M601. I’m somewhat sure that M601 is what I’ve used before.
It’s been a while since i paused a print for inserts so I guess it’s possible that i was using M600. I’ll try M600 next time…

I can confirm that it was indeed M601 that I used before. Hopefully M600 works…

To my knowledge, M601 was a Prusa specific pause gcode. However, M600 will trigger a filament change to allow you to insert magnets, etc into your prints as @xchrisd mentioned. The other available command is M76 which directly calls for a pause. However, I think using M76 will make it stop in-place instead of moving away from the print so it’s not really the option you want. You can do some of your own testing if you wish.

@Skreelink Well, I’m pretty sure it used to work on the J1.
I’m still using the same function in Prusaslicer as before so as long as Prusaslicer did not start with the M601 recently, then it’s 100% sure that it used to work on the J1.
It doesnt really matter though. M600 is fine…

I didnt know this Prusa gcode, good to know this was working in the past. :+1:

It’s reprap. I believe manufacturers sometimes use when they want to implement their own machine specific pause functionality rather than the generic M600…

+1 to @xchrisd’s evaluation of the firmware, there’s nothing in it that supports M601, but M600 should work.

Additionally, since you said J1, I looked at the idex firmware repo, and that doesn’t seem to even support M600, the ADVANCED_PAUSE_FEATURE isn’t even enabled: Code search results · GitHub

And it looks like the J1 just sends a command to the HMI when it gets M600: SnapmakerController-IDEX/Marlin/src/gcode/feature/pause/M600.cpp at 2c0b414a1a954e47ea3325368046a5d00468c91e · Snapmaker/SnapmakerController-IDEX · GitHub