Lubans G-code processor

Good morning!
I had my first issue which I will also post about in a adhesion topic- probably quite a frequent issue, but I realized that the g-code is traveling all over for no apparent reason which is also part of the adhesion problem. I am making a speaker grill and the first one came out looking amazing except for one extra hole that I accidentally did not notice. I figure maybe make a few and replace both and keep my first part as a personal trophy. And as soon as I think i will make some perfect ones the problems start. (machine gremlins or whatever you want to call them.)
I realize it does a few holes then travels across the board to lay down a few more with partially extruded strings attached and it is no wonder it is pulling off the starter points. I am no programmer other than some g-coding at the machine.
So- I was hoping that in the next update could somebody please create a constant extrusion profile either spiraling in or out? Or even side to side might be best for certain prints idk.
Thanks so much!

Probably not what you want to hear, but if you use another slicer, they usually have a parameter you can choose to reduce travel.