Loud noise during power on

Whenever, I power on my A350, I hear a loud noise on the axis. Does anyone have same issue?
There is no abnormal noise during run - only first power on.

Hi @ktmcmo,

Which axis do you hear the noise from (x, y, z?)?

What does the noise sound like - is it a short “cluink”, a long buzzing or whirring sound?

Not sure what axis. It is “cluink” noise. It sounds like the motor is try to “lock” into known position.

My A350 makes the same loud clunk when homing.

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One SM owner reported that there was a loose part inside one of his linear modules. It was hitting that part before it hit the micro switch.

I believe the user in question had the noise and it wouldn’t travel all the way home due to the loose screw getting jammed in the rear.