Loading abs or petg filament

How do we load or unload petg or abs, the load option loads filament at 200 degrees. How do we change it to load or unload abs or petg, at like 235 degrees celsius?

It is not able to change the temperature to load filament, but we will add this feature in the next batch of production. You can see the draft of the new screen below:

I gor crazy till I noticed that I Need higher temperatures…
I’ve done it with a different Software that provides live Operation of the Printer.

The results with ABS+ (ICE Filaments) weren’t satisfying - but I love printing with PET. But I have to find optimal Settings first.

What software are you using to set the temp for loading filament?

Currently there is no way to load higher temp filaments (nylon, ABS, etc) for Beta Snapmakers via the touchscreen or the Snapmaker software, thus limiting the functionality to PLA. Will there be a way to natively change the nozzle temp in the future? If not, can beta Snapmakers exchange their touchscreen for an updated one or will there be an adapter to allow us to upgrade the unit on our own?

Hello, my question is related to the topic but not the same. I am using the version that allows temperature to go up to 250 degrees C. I set to 220-230 for PLA but had great difficulties the second time loading the print head. Basically when I keep the switch pressed and try to feed the filament in, it does not go deep. I tried to cut the end into a sharp angle and keep the filament straight. Is there any techniques that can enable loading filaments easier? I viewed on YouTube a review also mentioned the loading of filament is difficult. Any suggestion is appreciated.


i’ve watched in a couple of labs where they “flushed out” the line/head with lower temp filament, then loaded the abs/metal-powdered filament…

i’m a noob myself, but i watched a lot when i could…


You can help yourself by using the jog mode to “extrude” some air…no - with the running Feeder it’s much more simple (for me) to fill in the Filament.

I too wonder about what current upgrades (like the newer touchscreen?) as well as future upgrades for beta Snapmakers will be available? Is there a module, for example, in the works that will be able to handle nylon? I would love to be able to print nylon for gears, etc.