List of the know bugs

I would like to have an updated list of all the bug on the Snapmaker 2 (including Liban)
This will help us to know if there is necessary to open a new thread or not and if you are aware


The tricky thing is that there are at least 3 different software parts of Snapmaker; Luban, Touch Screen & Controller. Many times people will report a bug which is really user error or something else. It’s almost a full time job for one person to do!! Getting a bunch of those kinds of erroneous bugs takes time and distracts from working on real ones.

But I agree, it would be nice.


Too, once the pieces of the software become opensource and are posted onto GitHub, I believe they plan to use that tracking system for all bugs and issues. So there won’t be a need for a bug list in the forums, it will all be in GitHub.

They are not going to open source the Touch Screen. You still have 3 other pieces of software and I don’t believe github can manage bugs for three different pieces of software all in one place. The problem is that many users are not going to know which piece the bug or problem they are seeing is in for sure.