LCD/Touch screen darker, noisy and dead spot

I ran a print job for 2 hours, and went to check the printer some time later and found that the LCD is all “noisy” (vertical lines with different intensities), displaying darker in the center (thing a inverted vignette) and a dead spot in the middle.

I tested the cable but it doesn’t seem broken (shaking it didn’t affect the lcd). Reconnected, cleaned the connector, turned the printer off for few minutes, etc. No effect a all.

My guess the LCD went bad and I need to start the warranty process. Just confirming if there is any test that I can do.

Any suggestions? thanks!

[edit: re-adding photo]

I have the same issue. How to start the warranty process?

I followed what is written here: Snapmaker’s Limited Warranty V1.0

It boils down to submit a e-mail with a standard form with all the required details, confirming the issue, confirming address, paying the shipment for the spare part, receive it :slight_smile:

In my case the process took around 2 months (from the first email to get it at my place - USA, East Coast).

Good luck!

Thanks for your quick response!