Laser not turning on at focusing levels


I received my snapmaker a week ago and have printed one thing as a quick test of motors, then switched to the laser engraver module and have been using that since. I’ve successfully run around 20 laser engravings which have all gone great (except for an issue I have where I’m unable to move the z-axis down using job mode with the laser module attached and I have to plug the printer module in and re-home to move the z-axis down when focusing the laser).

As the new software update removed the ‘focus’ setting from the laser on the computer software, I’ve been using 0.4% and 0.5% power for focusing the laser.

However, I’ve just finished a successful engraving, powered off, put the new bit of wood in, powered up, and now, the laser doesn’t power on unless it’s set to at least 2%.

I’ve changed no other settings, what’s going on???


It’s ok, I’ve solved this but going to leave it up in case others hit a similar issue.
Someone at Snapmaker I’d been speaking to about the z-axis issue had asked me to downgrade the firmware to 2.9 which I had done (didn’t solve my issue). I just upgraded it back to 2.11 and the low power laser is working again.