Laser Engraving ALL BLACK 2.4.4



I am having some trouble to print B/W in Snapmakerjs 2.4.4.
In version 2.3.2 it goes all right. In 2.4.4 laser engraves all back.

Both show ok on workspace.

PNG attached.



Here the 2.4.4 result.X_fails


It’s a known issue.
I think the Snapmaker team is working on this.


Got confirmation via their facebook group that it is being addressed with the devs. Fingers crossed for 2.4.5. In the meantime, rolling back to 2.4.3 gets things burning properly.



An updated version of v2.4.4 has been uploaded a few moments ago…

The preview is looking good - I will test it after I finished my current print jobs.


Installed and tested with success. Looks like they fixed it.