Laser Cutting settings


Does anyone know if SnapmakerJS has a feature for setting multiple passes? Or do I have to do them manually?



With the latest version v2.4.6 you can do multiple passes. Downloads and Updates


Anyone tried cutting acrylic? I’m trying now for the 3rd time with 4 or 5 passes at 100%, 80mm/minute, but it doesn’t seem to go through. Does it even cut acrylic?



I honestly don’t know, but everyone I’ve heard that’s tried to do acrylic has failed. I thinks it’s possible though



@epoe thanks! I remember this video now. Maybe it doesn’t work with fully transparent acrylics. @Rainie could the Snapmaker team make a tutorial on how to cut acrylics and other specific materials?


You have to add a layer of paint or tape so the laser light doesn’t go through the material without absorbtion of the energy.
You can try it with a black marker or a tinted film.


Thanks! I tried that, but it seemed that it didn’t do much. It cut the surface of the acrylic and melted a bit the other end, but no matter how many passes, it wouldn’t cut. Maybe it wont works with solid acrylics, since the middle is transparent?


Hi, I recently got my 1600mW Laser module, I’m trying to cut trough a piece of wood 1,7mm thick and cannot accomplish that. I just read there was an update for the software to 2.4.6 and I’m trying it as I write, but the test I made for the right focus Z eight didn’t go trough either. I’m trying a multiple passes contour now to see what happens but it is like the laser doesn’t have enough power or something, it just can’t pass the piece. Is there any walkthrough to get a right setting and a straight good laser cut?


Have you tried making the passes slower?


Yup, slower, so slow as I went in manual mode, that is laser on and small steps with clicks until I cut something (a small square). I could see the laser going deeper as the time passed as it remained on spot… and then moved it slow again and again, awful cut, nothing tidy about it


I cut the snapmaker contour, in four steps of 0.5mm, it worked, again no tidy cut but it´s the first time I can separate a piece.


What kind of wood are you cutting?


I’ve used poplar plywood but it’s not perfect. As soon as I have more time to play around with the laser I will try balsa wood.


Does anyone know what is the software to use vector files to directly drive the laser?



Snapmakerjs 2.4.6 takes straight SVG (vector files) files.


On Snapmakerjs 2.4.6, select “VECTOR” and source type select “Raster”, you can turn your jpg / png images into vectors.


I calibrate the Z level of my 1.6W module the same way we do with the nozzle of the 3D print module:

a good starting point is a Z height above the material of about 30mm. On my module i don’t use the manual focus for the lens; i leave it turned clockwise to the max.

  1. set up your piece of wood

  2. place a piece of paper on top and move down the module carefully until you can pull out the papersheet with a bit restistance

  3. then go up with Z to 30mm

  4. adjust the laser to a minimal diameter you can get by moving Z in micro steps

  5. set this (XY)Z as new origin

  6. a) run the calibration widget of snapmaker JS multiple times or b) setup a small shape by yourself. use multiple passes feature. start with i.e. 20passes @ speed 100 & dZ=0

if you choose a slow speeds, your cutting edges will be blurry and unsharp. to get clear edges increase speed and passes

If you cut trough you can try to reduce the amount of passes, if edge quality is crappy increase speed.

i.e. i was finally able to cut trough 1,5mm plywood after 10(!) passes with speed 100.

To be honest i expected to get trough the thinnest plywood available with one cut here… nope. hope this helps


Thanx @Henning, I’m about to cut with laser soon again, as I get some results I will post about it. The last thing I cut trough was a piece of balsa 1mm thick with like 4 pases… (don’t remember very well the settings). I thought it would be really easy for the laser to cut trough but it seems it´s not.