Laser Cutting settings


Hi everyone,

I thought I would start a section for people to consolidate their respective settings, software used and experiences using the 1600w laser module.


iam unable to cut even thin wood, it works good as engraver … :smiley:
Maybe I need to adjust


i am looking for the recommended setting for acrylic and how many passes i need for 3mm thick


2 mm wood works in 1 run with 100% power @ 85 mm/min.
Are you sure that you have installed the 1600 mW module?
It cuts 0,25 mm thick white paper with 250 mm/min and faster.
Be sure to fine tune the Z-offset:

Just testing mine with 4 mm plywood but not sure what the best setting would be:

I have to play a little more with the settingsto tell you what is important since I don’t want to tell you things that are not correct - just my second day with the new module…


I have 3mm wood that I can’t cut through no matter what speed. If 100% and 85mm/min cut through wood wouldn’t the fine tuning program cut through every time?


With 3mm wood you will need multiple passes, and step down the laser mode a bit (lower Z axis) between multiple runs.


I’ve done at least a dozen passes and lowered the z axis. I also let it sit in one spot on 100% and it never went through. I ordered some wood from Snapmaker, I’ll try that when it arrives.


Same problems here,
ordered 1,5mm standard plywood, for testing the cutting capabilities of the 1.6W Module.
Spend the whole evening with test runs, focusing and finetuning the focus following the steps in the help section and some tips from the forum
even after 3 passes @ 100%Power, 85mm/min and decreasing Z for every pass, it did not cut trough!

Is there something wrong with the module or the power supply?!
I mean… 1.5 mm is not that much and with a adjusted laser it should cut trough anyway, right?

btw. is focusing the laser manually on the module doing the same thing as adjusting the height of Z axis?
On my module the best focus is set by dont turning the laser head at all… is this normal?


I tested on 200mW laser cuting paper. good cuting result was at
standard paper 80g/m2 0,11mm 100% 200mm/min
tecture paper ---------- 0,17mm 100% 100mm/min
grey paper tecture — 0,35mm 100% 25mm/min
attaching photo

tested also on balsa wood - burning wood on 3 mm! could be fire!

Nice will be if snapmaker put special paterns for different powers in software ( chessboard every 10 % of power)
it will be easier to adjust laser settings for photos and engraving


Laser engeaved picture with the 200 mW module
B/W mode 75% @ 220 mm/min working speed

Laser cutting test with 4 mm plywood (backside of the picture):
3 passes @ 100% power and 50 mm/min @ Z=0,00
4 passes @ 100% power and 50 mm/min @ Z=-2,00
Some very small bridges remained so maybe a little slower the next time


Cool! Do You realy have 200mW or first version laser with power 500mW ??


Attention, all users of the snapmaker printer !!
In time laser cutting or engrave wood is likely to emit coal dust. Their concentration exceeds all standards !! Do not do it at home without providing air extraction or filtration air from printer. After a few days of of test and use, I got symptoms in the form of notorious sneezing not only at the home.

Snapmaker !!! I recommend add ASAP dust and carbon filter to printer.


First I printed the picture and the cut it from the other side so the picture doesn’t get burnt.


I’m planning to create a fume extractor with a fan and a hose through my window. The idea is already in my head…


Windverhältnisse vorher prüfen, sonst ist das u.U. vergeudete Mühe.
Aktivkohle-Filter sind vielleicht die bessere Lösung.


Ich habe einen Adapter für eine mobile Klimaanlage gebaut, wo man den Abluftschlauch direkt an einen Flansch anschließen kann. Der Flansch sitzt in einer Platte, die statt einem Fensterflügel im Rahmen sitzt. Das gepaart mit einem 230 V Rohrlüfter sollte funktionieren…


Ich kenne die Diskussion vom Forum - manche jammern über den Lärm den der Lüfter macht, um gegen Winddruck von außen anzukämpfen. Die Verhältnisse sind halt bei jedem anders und glücklich ist, der einen stillgelegten Kamin zur Verfügung hat.
Hinzu kommen allerdings noch Umweltauflagen.
Wer keine Nachbarn hat ist besser dran.


Today I recive 1,6W laser, and tested it. And I have that same problem as above - 2mm wood cut after 10-20 passes at 100% 350mm/min! Also try 3mm plywood but too mach passes , if was slover too much cabonize playwood. Laser focusing also not help.
I see also the laser poin is not circle but elipsoid.
Now I think how to measure power of laser , and must compare similar efect of 200mW and 1,6 W laser.


More testing with a new module

You can’t cut wood with a laser without burning it…it’s the mechanism of it.
But you want to burn as narrow as possible. I’ve done tests for a few days in my holiday and there is still much for me to learn.
The slower you go the more you’ll burn (deeper and wider). I’m cutting 4 mm plywood with about 6 passes @ 35-50 mm/min.
Cutting 200 g/m² paper would work with about 250 mm/min without burning too much.

If you see an elypsiod point you’re too much out of focus!
Please fine tune and make sure your object is flat.


I don’t want I carbonized edges of the wood. They could be brown from cut but not black like charcoal.
Beacause that minimum speed for 1,6W must be >300mm/min.
Comparing efect of 200mW with 1,6W , real power of 1,6W laser is about 2,5-5 times more only.