Laser Cut/Etch Part from Solid Model

We have a lot of small flat parts, already modeled in SolidWorks and or Fusion 360.

Is there a streamlined way to generate G-code for trace/etching and or cutting 2d part perimeter and internal features using the solid model?

Going from a solid model file to an image file doesn’t really make a lot of sense for generating part geometry G-code.


I just can tell you a simple but indirect way:
Save the sketch you want to export as DXF then import this file to a vector graphic program (like Inkscape) and save it as SVG.

There is a posibility to create the gcode file within Fusion360 but with Snapmakerjs it’s more comfortable.

Thanks Roja. I will give that a try.

I’ve tried using Fusion with a laser tool but post processing was unsuccessful.