Largest nozzle & print speeds for big and fast?

What’s the largest nozzle you can expect to use on an A350? There are things I’d like to print that are big and don’t really care how they look. Like I want to print a cyclonic adapter for my shop vac but just the top is saying 50 hours. Other shop tools like that that just take too long with current nozzle. I don’t care if output looks a little unsightly. Still needs to be strong and functional though.
How big and fast can I go?

I believe you can buy 1mm mk8 nozzles? This should increase your print speed assuming same wall thicknesses by approx 2-4x when compared to 0.4mm nozzle (if my maths is right)

I have used up to a 1.0mm nozzle but I have seen up to a 1.2mm nozzle available. Your print speed will be reduced compared to a 0.4mm nozzle because you can only melt filament so fast… You will not be able to use Luban for slicing because I don’t think it has a nozzle diameter setting that can be changed iirc.