KickStarter SnapMaker Account Order help

I purchased the SnapMaker 2.0 before I had a KickStarter account. How can I find out my Backer ID or Reward ID so I can find myself on the Excel sheet? Is there anyway to open a kickstarter account and tie the order to the account somehow? All help is appreciated Thanks!

You would only have a Kickstarter Backer ID if you backed during the Kickstarter campaign. The spreadsheet that is currently out there is only for those that backed during Kickstarter. All of those machines will ship out before they begin shipping any of the Pre-orders that came in through the site after the KS closed.

Ok thank you for the info. So I ordered on New Years Eve special. Is there anyway to tell an estimated shipping date. I thought it was around June. How ever if it is going to be like Christmas or later I will have to seek alternatives. Thank you so much for the help.

The estimated shipping schedule is attached.

I am not sure what department this needs to go to. I am requesting a full refund for my Snapmaker purchase I made via the website. I cannot continue to sit on my money for another 6 months with no ROI. I will reorder a Snapmaker when you get all the delays figured out and the supply chains are running again. I realize that the COVID Virus has caused delays globally and is no fault of yours. However I can use my my money now to make money and then reorder when all the delays are fixed. Thank you and keep up the good work. I am attaching my PayPal invoice so you can process my refund quickly. Thank you

Wade Harrison CEO Datavault Central

+1 (316)214-7313

(Attachment 2SnapMaker Invoice.pdf is missing)

I am resend my reciept as a jpeg as for silly reason you do not accept PDF files but would accept word document which is far more dangerous than a PDF. I am inquiring as to how long my refund will take.


I assume if you purchased our device in December, Your machine will be shipped in September. We are working hard to try to fulfill the orders sooner than scheduled if not on time. But your concern is completely justified, if you insist to request a refund, please contact our support at They will address your request shortly. Thank you.