Is Snapmaker3D open-source?

If not, can it be? I’d like to make some plugins if possible.

I thought of some funny things that I was going to try to program, such as a plugin that would detect when you say a phrase such as “Oh [swear word]! Not again!” and then the print would abort haha. I’ve had so many failed prints and had to waddle over to my PC to cancel them (because I connect via octoprint).

I just thought it’d be a fun way for more community interaction :slight_smile: It could also make Snapmaker3D more desirable to use as opposed to Cura or Slic3r.

Just my thoughts though!

Let me know what you think :smiley:


Do a Forum Search! It’s there. Don’t be lazy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thank you @Tone for some reason nothing showed up when I searched for “open-source”. Maybe my session was bugged or something.

But hot damn! It’s based on Unity :smiley: That’s so cool!!!

Ok. Glad you at least tried. I just searched for open source. The hyphen must have limited your search.

I’m hoping they’ll get their source released before too long. I believe the have an obligation to do that.

Hi All,

The source code was released yesterday. We will put it on Dropbox at the moment. If you need it, you can download it at

@X_Pilot Look forward to your plugins!

Keep having fun!

Best regards,



It’s using Unity version 5.6.4f1, if I am not mistaken?


On line 180 of ControlProfileSelect.cs there is an error.

        dropdown_customProfiles.alwaysCallback = true;

I didn’t know that Dropdowns had alwaysCallback. I may be using the wrong version of unity :3

Commenting out that line of code seems to work though :smiley: The custom profile dropdown still seems to work :slight_smile:


I’d love to see a github account, with projects for all the software.

I’d like to try and implement some of the suggestions in Expectation for the Next Firmware . I’d also like to try updating the slicer to handle smaller features. With Pull Requests, of course.

I understand, and I am comfortable with the financial risk of voiding my warranty. :slight_smile:

hi, i try to look the link but 404.
dead link ?

Can we have a git repository?
This tool can be perfect to perfectly notice the modifications added by snapmaker.