Is it possible to update gen1 Snapmaker i have installed new gen controller


is it possible to update gen1(i mean early beta machine) Snapmaker i have installed new gen controller.
Screen display is defferent from machines that i bougth last.

Can i make somehow factory reset?
my Firmware update does not start!


From what I remember reading, the new controller will be able to control the gen1 linear modules. The gen1 controller will not be able to talk to the gen2 modules.

I’m not aware of any advantage you’d get by replacing the gen1 controller. The only thing I can think of is that you’ll be able to upgrade the linear modules piecemeal. Maybe replace the Z module with a longer one, without replacing the other modules?


Is there more in depth Snapmaker2 news somewhere?

It sounded like the next controller added wifi, etc. which could be huge for me.


The most news I’ve found on it is the special Facebook forum just for the SnapMaker 2.


is it possible to update screen as picture 1 shown


Of course you can, you can download the V2.8 firmware and you will get the picture 1 layout.


Hello, i have 2.8 version and tried 2.9 no effect. Do they have different screens early versions and mass productions?


The early firmware version may be different with the latest. I think picture 2 is the older version and picture is the latest version.