Is it possible to edit a gcode file?

Hello all! My first post, and 3rd full day of owning a Snapmaker Original :slight_smile:

Is it possible to edit a 3D Printing gcode file(that was originally created in Snapmakerjs) in Snapmakerjs? I can open it, but it opens to the “Workspace”, which doesn’t have the options I want to change(learning how the PLA filament I have works in different temperature settings… not to mention all the other settings). And I can’t seem to move the objects from the “Workspace” tab to the “3D Printing G-code Generator” tab.

Am I missing something simple somewhere?

Thank you!

A Gcode file is just a text file, you can edit it with any text editor.
It needs to retains it’s “.gcode” suffix. Same for “.nc” files.
Youi just need to make sure the text editor doesn’t change it to a different type.

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You are AWESOME!

I work in IT, have for a long time… and I did not try, or even think to try, to open them in a text editor.

Thank you!