Improvements for Linear module and 3D Printing Module

Hi guys, as we mentioned in the #Snapmaker’s 2020 Recap article, we will carry out some hardware upgrades for Snapmaker 2.0, mainly focus on the 3D printing module and the linear module.

Many users care about whether they can upgrade their machine to the 2.5 version, the answer is YES. What’s more

The Snapmaker 2.0 users can get a 50% discount when buying these upgraded items, which are expected to be available in May.

  • The new 3D printing module offers a better cooling solution.

  • The new linear module would have an even smaller variance in printing size capacities and less noise.

Hi Edwin,

In this post you said that the modules are expected to be available in June. Is that an updated estimation due to manufacturing difficulties or is there a typo in either this post or the one I have linked?