I scanned a jade dragon plate and then engrave the model on board

I found a beautiful jade plate in my friend’s home several days ago. Last Monday, I used a 3D scanner to scan the jade plate and then use snapmaker 2.0 to engraved the model on wood board.


Very nice. Didn’t expect the scanner doing such a good job. Did it require a lot of postprocessing or did the scan just come out that good?

That’s really good, do you mind me asking which scanner you used?

it’s linked in his post (3D scanner is clickable), it’s a revopoint pop 3d (note that there is a v2 coming in february)

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Thanks - I missed that. Good to know I’ve signed up for the Pop2 Kickstarter.

Revopoint POP 2



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Did you backer POP 2 on Kickstarter?

Yes I did.

Backed - that’s the word I was looking for. :blush:

wow nice job, can you describe which steps you all have done before you get such a good result?