I can only Print with Raft!


Hello everybody and @Rainie

I think i found a Problem with the Software…
If i generate a gcode with raft as adhesion, it prints perfectly.
But if i use no ashesion or Brim or Skirt the nozzle is like 0.2 - 0.5 mm more than i Calibrated,
And if i printed something with Raft it is stuck with the raft. I can remove the Raft from the Print.

Can someone help i Calibrated it with the thicc card that came with it.

Thanks for Help.


The thick card is just an instruction sheet. Use the thinner card or a standard sheet of paper for calibration. Hope this solves your problem.


There is a link to a downloadable and printable copy of the Calibration Card at Laser engraving from Noah


@ercan.celik What works for me is actually the thermal paper receipt you get from the cash register, ie Costco, Chick-fil-a, gas station, etc. It’s thin enough for my calibration that my prints stick to the bed with a nice first layer. Try it out, it might work for you too.


I have the same issue and tech support refuses to address this problem. They actually gave me a suggestion that “You can also select Raft as the Adhesion type when you generate the G-code.” Doesn’t look like they are bothering to read the actual complaint.


Try printing with the heated bed off and see if you get a better first layer that way. For me, I get a better calibration if I pre-heat the bed and then calibrate.


Same issue there…I can only print with raft ; and as I print a lot of (paper) roleplaying figurines, they are stuck on the raft ;-(
If i choose brim or rift, it’s the same as you, the nozzle is clearly 0.5mm above the table…
If a change the calibration to put decrease the height, brim or rift are ok, but raft doesn’t work (look’s like the nozzle is push on the table, everything is squatched.

Is it normal that you have to change the calibration, depending on “brim” of “raft” parameter ?


i can’t get anything to stick! I even tried blue tape and glue. still can’t.


Hi Ben

What filament are you using? What temperatures are you using? Have you calibrated? What are your print settings? What software are you using?

Please supply as much detail as you can.