How to start printing from where it stopped?


So my partner didn’t realise his laptop had unplugged and the battery pretty much went flat. Obviously when this happened the printer stopped printing. We were just wondering if there is a way to start printing again from where it left off? Only have the option to pause printing in the program. Play is not a highlighted option


it is not that easy.
if you use cura or simplify3d there is a option which is called “start from position” but be careful, before starting the print, the firmware let the printer get to the home position of all axes. This may cause a damage of the printer or your print.
if you have to replace the print from the bad it´s really hard or not possible to get it on the same position again (don´t know how nice your print should be).

if you just print with snapmakerjs you could edit the gcode, search for the height of your object Z = 52,35 mm for example and clean the lines before except the lines for other settings like extruder/axis speeds…

greets Chris


Thanks for your reply Chris.
It’s just a shame that that option to continue from where left off was not incorporated with the snapmaker1. Now it’s just a waste of time and filament, especially when my partner restarted the print and then ran out of filament right near the end of the print :pensive:


Ouch. Yah, we all know what you mean! Hopefully this function works well with the SM2…