How to engrave single line fonts?


I want to engrave ISO-standard fonts which are single line fonts, like:
SnapmakerJS always makes outlined text: every character is a closed loop. How can I make single line characters?


Write your text in a graphic program like inkscape and convert the text to a vector graphic.
Then import in SnapmakerJS as - of course - vector graphic.


Thanks for the hint; Inkscape is a nice program! I already have Adobe Illustrator but it is difficult to get an SVG file that shows correctly in SnapmakerJS.
So in Inkscape version 0.92 there is a plug-in installed for using single line engraving Hershey fonts: Go to the Extension tab and choose Render and Hershey text. There you can make your text, save the file and import the vector .svg into SnapmakerJS.

I found this info on single line fonts: here and here.
I installed and tried a few TTF single line fonts in SnapmakerJS (most single line fonts are other file types) to skip the Inkscape step. The characters are made closed loop again resulting in connection lines:
Can Snapmaker or someone else select or create a suitable font?


Now I added unusable fonts to SnapmakerJS. How to remove those fonts?
Answer: Open the folder %AppData%\Snapmakerjs\Fonts and just delete the files of the unnecessary fonts. Restart SnapmakerJS.
You can also copy a bunch of new fonts directly into this folder.


Here I found nice fonts that work: afbeelding
The “CamBam Stick Font 9” looks familiar…:


I found these PS fonts at
and converted it to .woff files using FontForge. Unzip this (99.0 KB)
into your %AppData%\Snapmakerjs\Fonts folder, restart SnapmakerJS and now you can choose the engraver fonts.