Hot end not staying hot

So I decided to try and print a simple letter see if I can get a print. I am connected to my SM2 A150 via serial port and when I start the machine moves to the heat up location and the heat bed heats up but the hot end cools down. When the heat bed is at temperature it wants to start printing even though the hot end is cold. I do not know why the temperature of the hot end cools down. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

Hi, could you check the temperatures set for both the nozzle and bed in the file and the their actual working temperatures? The issue could be due to the incorrect settings in the file or on the machine.

I did have to change the build plate temp initial layer setting to 50 because at the default 70 the bed would never heat up that high to start the print. I lowered it to 50 and the print would start. The nozzle would be up to 205 when printing starts but 10-15 into the build I received these errors. Any help would be appreciated.

Found the problem. It was the temp probe on the hot end. It was almost of out of the extruder so the temp kept going up and down erratically causing the errors. I reseated the probe and now the hot end maintains a constant temp and I was able to print benchy on normal default settings with amazing results. Will upload picture in a bit.