Hints that helped me printing ABS


Or, you could try PETG. It’s much more forgiving than ABS and more durable than PLA.


I’m currently designing a 3D printable fan deflector for the Snapmaker.

Here is a screenshot of my work so far:

Here’s a nicer render:

I am still trying to test it and I may be able to modify the design to point the fan towards the extruder for better PETG and PLA printing :smiley:

I did get inspired by the card fan deflector in this post, however, I wanted a more permanent, easier solution that could be easily installed and removed. So I started designing :slight_smile:

My first design worked, however, it was too large at the bottom and would touch the print bed before the nozzle.

Version 2 is lower profile and should not touch the nozzle, however, I am still printing it (as I just finished designing the iteration) and haven’t tested if it actually deflects the air decently enough.

I’ll upload the final version to Thingiverse and share it with you guys in a different thread in the future :smiley:

And to give credit where credit is due, I am using the Snapmaker DIY Laser Module case model to design the deflector around.



I made another version of the card deflector with a window towards the nozzle to try improving PETG printing, but it didn’t really help. All my PETG test prints have shown a need for better part cooling. A deflector can only protrude about 6mm from the bottom of the module or else it will hit the print, and I’m not sure this style of fan can push enough air around a corner into a 6mm gap to help. An externally powered/controlled blower style fan may be needed for better part cooling.


Did you try making like a nozzle or something for the air to flow out of? This is something you could be able to do with a print, but maybe not with card. It should be able to create a positive pressure inside of the deflector.


So the deflector design works, but ABS still won’t print. Quite a strong stream of air is coming out of the nozzle of the deflector, but the prints just won’t stick.

I’m feeling a bit ripped off as they said you can print ABS with the Snapmaker, but the build plate cannot even reach 100 C.

If there any chance we can purchase a build plate that can reach higher temperatures? The community can make the other adaptions that are required, however, the build plate temps really need to be higher.


@X_Pilot This is what I designed before. I don’t think the frame is the only choice. I use magnets.-1.STL (1.5 MB)

Hope to help you.


I’ve had 1 successful ABS print with this setup, however, large prints are still failing.

It has most certainly helped though!



The big fan on the side is trying to push air over the heater and I’m sure some of that air is exhausting out around the nozzle because there isn’t much room for air to exhaust out the opposite end. It may be that some of that opening needs to be restricted.


I just got ABS to work :slight_smile:
Had to try 3 different hairsprays to get it to stick, but it works!!!


That is good news.
Has anyone tried co-polymers yet?
They are strong and more forgiving to print while also being styrene, odor and BPA free.

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Hi, welcome to our forum! Please introduce yourself. =)

Here’s my design :smiley: I printed it in PLA which works well :smiley:

Best of luck!


ABS is a co-polymer! It doesn’t smell.
BPA is used in the production of PC. But PC you can’t print on Snapmaker because it requires higher temperatures. So BPA free.


A few companies are working on a low temp PC.


My ABS sure does smell whilst it is printing!!! At least mine does :3


So, there is a difference between ABS and ABS and there is difference in perception of smell; I called the shop where I bought the ABS: “yes, ABS smells, and it is dangerous”. dangerous??, I 'm not sure he is an expert about plastics so I asked for the MSDS (material safety data sheet) of his ABS. He will send it.


I’m very new to this.
my Snapmaker arrived a few days ago. I printed a lot this PLA with different filaments nearly without problems.
But my ABS prints are very very unstable. They break so easy. This cant be normal.
I think the prints looks “ok”. I have no problems become loose of the bed. The prints stick very good. I only clean the bed with Isopropanol.
I got “best results” with ABS with 245/80 °C.

I tried:

  • different temps (235-245°C)
  • different qualities of printing
  • I taped the FAN on the Printing Modul.

What can this cause? Does a Box help?

Thanks for helping

This is printed with snapmaker3D setting “FAST” with optimized temps)


If the temperature is too low the new layer does not meld properly to the previous layer. Then it breaks easily. To meld two layers together the minimum temperature must have the so-called glas-temperature. For ABS this is 110C. So, increase the temperature of the nozzle and increase the temperature of the environment. An enclosure with hot, stagnant air is advised.


I can try 250°C nozzle temp. But I think that’s not enough. So the only solution for good results is an enclosure?!? I will try to build one.


245ºC are Ok for the print, I’m amazed by the fact it doesn’t go off the bed like everyone else, maybe the very clean surface does the trick, about the resistance on the material I found that letting it cool off for a good time makes it stronger. Try a print and let it for a good couple hours, then try again and tell me how it went.


Here is my 2 cents on abs printing. First the fan issue with snapmaker. Not sure if the newest firmware has resolved this issue the fan us much to robust for printing ABS parts I suggest you make one of the cooling shrouds that many of the good folks have created. The next thing I would do for printing ABS is get rid of the snapmaker printing pad. It is far too to thick an does not let the heat bed temp get to where it needs to be. Use blue painters tape with a small film of blue glue stick on the top.