Hi, welcome to our forum! Please introduce yourself. =)


Hi I’m Jacob and I’ll be using the snapmaker for a lot of projects at home as well as for my small business. Right now I’m planning on printing out some electronics housings for an open source reptile enclosure thermostat. Been working on the electronics while I wait for my snapmaker. I’m assuming it’s on the way since I got this invitation?



Hello! My name is Peder i live in Norway and i am a tech enthusiast that work as a carpenter. I will use my snapmaker to make models to show my costumers different types constructions and ideas. The cnc carving and laser engraving module i will use for personal fun :wink: l just got mine and it looks relly nice!


Thanks a ton… I just followed the instructions there and have a fully functioning Octopi with webcam running…


Hi Bruce here from sunny South Africa, got my printer yesterday, was a snap to assemble and easy to level the bed, I then went to download the software and get printing while doing this my touch screen has gone blank, the bed does not heat up and nether does the head, I have reassembled and checked all plugs but nothing seems to work, at the moment I have a really cool looking paperweight that makes fan noises, am going to try upgrade the software and see what happens? any other bright ideas will be most welcome as I was reading in other parts of the forum the response time to problems or replacement parts seems to be sadly delayed or non-existent, so all help would be great,

cheers Bruce


Hi! I am not really sure but i think it is a firmware problem. You are not the only one with this problem. If you havent allready posted in the Troubleshooting for the 3D-printer you should. They will get in touch with you as soon as they can. Have a nice sunny day in Africa and try not to run out of freshwater :wink:


You just gave me an idea! Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi I’m Casey from South Africa. Received the Snapmaker yesterday and I’m new to the 3D printing world but I have experience in design. Looking forward to making prototype parts with the 3D printer and great memories with the laser printer and still deciding what to make with the CNC carver. Great to be here.


Chris here - ex-pat brit living in Oslo.

Already have a 3d printer - main interest for the snapmaker is the cnc and laser heads :slight_smile:


Hi I’m Pat, retired instrumentation and control systems technician. abrasive waterjet owner, M3D owner. Ham radio operator Ne6pg, Waiting for my machine to show up.


What kind of abrasive waterjet do you have? You’ll have to give us a comparison of the Snapmaker vs the M3D.


I am Mihail, from Russia. Engineer. I just like all kind of technik stuff.


My name is Ted.
I’m in Upstate New York.
My Snapmaker arrived yesterday (in a snowstorm).
My 6 year old daughter is very excited to get started.
I’ve read many of your comments and I am glad to be part of this community.
I would like to especially thank jstncrft:
I find that your posts are particularly helpful and altruistic.


Hello my name is Sébastien I’m French, I have my snapmaker since early January and I have already tested a lot of things on it and for the moment I’m happy.

I use the snapmaker to make industrial objects and a little different things and varied type status toys for childrens …


I have an OMAX 55100 jet 30hp motor, 55kpsi positive displacement pump. My M3D is smaller and the bed is not heated as it was an earlier model also from kickstarter.


hello i got my snapmaker -yes so wanting to try it out.



party!, party!, party! we are



hey doug
party is right getting me files from thingiverse then i will try tinkercad to try to create my own. also will try to design some leggos



there is a Snapmaker group of projects on Thingiverse

I am new to all of this and having been partying with the laser, next is the 3D printer.



hello everyone my name robert. i am a noob to 3d printing have done 6+ months laser, and loads of computer and electronics experience


Hi my name is Robert. I’m new to 3d printing. The snapmaker is my first printer and have loved it there month that I’ve been using. Though I have run into some issues now. I’m mainly trying to create parts for various applications, like a t channel mount for a camera for my snowboard.