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Has anyone tried to make circuits with the CNC module yet?
CNCs are really new to me and I’d like to know how I could make my own circuits.
I need to know what software I should use and what settings should I be using etc. etc.

If anyone could help me out that’d be great!


grab a few peeks at youtube…

search on pcb / cnc / diy / schematic / etc…

software will be circuit capture, then a gerber compatible pcb program, THEN goto snapmaker cnc software…

kcad is popular among the free software crowd… (schematic capture and gerber pcb)…

i’m just starting with kcad myself, i used autocad (with trons/pcb libraries), and orcad for years, but that was when i was being paid… ( i b a free software abuser now… )



I’ve been using Eagle for making my own PCB’s and then ordering them online through the Gerber files, but can the SnapmakerJS software convert Gerber files to gCode?


Hi Lupo, du hast natuerlich recht und ich bin sicher das wird ueber zeit passieren. Snapmaker ist sehr offen fuer alle vorschlage aus dem Forum. Gib ihnen zeit und herzlich willkommen im Forum.

Best regards and greetings from Austin, Texas


don’t know, will find out…



Hi @Rainie

Recently I had an article written in the Pitsco www.pitsco,com , e-magazine about my project. Pitsco are the makers of TETRIX & PRIME robotics kits that I use. The extracted story can be seen at https://www.pitsco.com/Experience-Pitsco/Success-Stories/Articles/The-RoboChair-project?art=11855

I am still working on a few ideas for bespoke parts for my RoboChair project, then I will have a go on Snapmaker in making them.

Keep having fun.



Hi Doug,

a lovely and awesome story. Keep it up and if your stuck share it. Seems to be alot of smart people in this forum that may be able to help.


Thanks @andrew fro the kind words, much appreciated.

This is one of the better forums that I participate in. Too many people use forums to vent problems, rather than say, OK we have an issue, how can we fix it or improve it.

I placed the Pitsco article link on my FB page with the following addendum

BTW, RoboChair with its on board Windows 10 based PC can do much more. Control a television, play internet radio stations, play music files, play video files, select food menu items; identify problems on the users body e.g. pain, discomfort, hot, cold, itchy, numb, pins & needles. Ask for medical support. Eventually it will be monitoring vital signs such as Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, SpO2 levels, Temperature, Blood Pressure and will call for help automatically when thresholds are exceeded. To name a few functions. All these functions can be controlled via Eye-Gaze/Tracking technology… one day it will be a Brain Computer Interface (BCI)

I have an array of functions and features that I am trying to neatly consolidate into a holistic service

Life is never boring

For many years I have signed off on emails with something like this.

Take care, have a great week and hug a loved one.



I was talking about Hatchbox with a colleague


how much did you “buy in” to the TETRIX line of products…?

are most of your near-product your own builds (biscuits from scratch)…?

i’ve already build a few robots/motorized-assistance devices, some my own designs…

since pitsco seems to be mostly school/education oriented, was wondering what their project requirements were…

( i’m working on a hoverboard-parts powered-wheelchair design right now… )



Hi @william.o.yates

I hope you are well. I bought the Tetrix main and expansion kits as well as there Prime main and expansion kits. They are like the old Meccano sets on steroids.

I originally started with the Lego Mindstorm, however it did not provide the size and robustness that I was after. Albeit expensive, the Tetrix gear is great for what I need.

Much of my work is on the software side developing the functions for a disabled person to use. I am at the stage of trying to pull all my jigsaw function pieces together. I am making use of a Tobii EyeTracker 4C eye gaze unit to control everything by looking at a pc screen.

BTW talking about hovercraft (not hoverboard) have you seen this https://all3dp.com/3d-printed-hovercraft-project-gets-off-the-ground/?omhide=true&utm_source=Newsletter&utm_campaign=3ed2ecb4df-Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_9dffeeddae-3ed2ecb4df-394802405

Take care and keep having fun



Hi Tobias
I’m working with PET-G all the time and not using PLA anymore.
If you want to print with carbon fibre filled material you have to get a hardened steel nozzle (don’t know if possible to Exchange but it sould be).
The strenght of the Standard PET-G with correct temperature Settings is excelent (min. 3 Perimeter lines and 4 top/bottom layers).

Kind regards from Austria,


My name is Sam. Snapmaker is my first 3D printer, and it just arrived this week. I’m a hobbyist, and looking forward to make something out of this 3-in- one printer. I’m located in Bangkok, Thailand.


Hi, Im Paul.

This is my second 3D printer, and i already love it more than my last one. I print tons of different things, from 28mm figures for friends, to items for projects i have.


I know some folks have noted Hatchbox glow PLA to be very mildly abrasive after extended use; over the course of multiple spools. Others report no issues. I haven’t had any problems with wear myself and I occasionally gauge the extruder orifice to ensure consistency. My 2¢.


Cool to know, i am new to owning a printer. I have used the ones at school but they source everything so i want to know more before i go farther. I tend to push boundaries so i want to be careful. Also how do you pause a print? I only have a stop command.


I am happy that you received Snapmaker, happy tinkering!


Hi from the upper snake river plain in eastern Idaho . I am backer 714 got my printer the night of January 15th .


Hi, I’m Vatche. I’m a professor of theoretical physics and a newbie to 3d printing. I received my Snapmaker 3 weeks ago and a “next-door” neighbor to Snapmaker headquarters in Los Angeles.


Hello, I’m Dan. I am new to all of this. I received my snapmaker late December and only had a chance to play with it breifly before getting busy with work. Now that things have slowed down I have been trying to get me design from fusion360 to the CNC part, but no where does it cover how the configuration file work.